Academic Activities & Honors
Electronic Literature Directory, 1/2010-present
Working with electronic literature scholars and practitioners to create a directory of e-lit. Writing entries for e-lit works, reviewing entries, evaluating the directory as a pedagogical tool, and engaging in ongoing discourse on the emerging field of electronic literature.

Funded Grant (Lead Applicant)
Arts & Humanities Research Council, April 2009
Awarded £2000 for support of Student-Led Initiatives for Bangor University's College of Arts & Humanities Postgraduate Conference: Truth and Lies, June 11-12, 2009.

Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Contest, March 2009
Completed novel The Pathfinder chosen as one of 500 quarterfinalist novels from total entries of 10,000.

1st Prize for Presentation
Member & Webmaster
Creative Studies & Media Research Circle, Bangor University, 2008-present
Contributing to discussion forum and practical sessions on all areas of new media.
Editor-in-Chief, Founding Member
Creative Spaces, Bangor University, 2008-2010
Creating an online, peer-reviewed journal for the creative industries. Site also to publish creative pieces, and offer networking capabilities for researchers in the field.

Founding Member
Fish Tank, Bangor University, 2008-2010
Created a student-run discussion forum to support postgraduates in the School of Creative Studies and Media.

Committee Member
MeCCSA Postgraduate Conference, Bangor University, July 2009
Organizing international conference hosted by the Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association Postgraduate Network.

Committee Chair
Truth and Lies Conference, Bangor University, June 2009
Organizing international conference hosted by the College of Arts and Humanities.